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Education Programme

Registration for new term at Armagh Pipers Club takes place on Monday 2nd September at 7pm in St Patrick's Grammar School, Armagh.

Prefer to register by post or by email?
You can download a copy of the registration form here and then bring payment to the first class on Monday 9th September.

The Handbook can be downloaded here and will give you all the information you need on the Education Programme, the Instrument Loan Scheme and also has information for parents.

Students of all ages are welcome to join - children and adults - we've something for everyone.

We have a special class for those aged 4-7 which involves traditional songs for children.
The cost for this is £1 payable each week.
The tiny tots singing class is from 6pm to 6.30pm

Children over 7 are accepted into the whistle class.
Often their little fingers can only just cover the holes in a whistle. 

We will teach them to read music and a few basic tunes.  Following at least a year in the whistle class it will be possible to move into another instrumental class of their choice.

You know your children better than us - They'll be expected to sit quietly in a classroom for an hour.
Parents will not be permitted to sit with their children.
If you think they are too young for that it may be better to wait until next year.

Fees for Semester one

One student (Child or adult) £100
Two students £150
Family Membership (3+) £200

Please note that Family Membership applies to immediate family only and does not extend to cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

Fees include tuition at the class of your choice plus all printed music provided.
Students may also choose to attend second class of their choice at no extra cost - depending on the schedule.
There is no charge for the Family Sessions or Fonn Fridays which are also part of the Education Programme. More about those in the Handbook.

What happens on Registration Night?

Over 200 members will hand in their forms and pay their fees with one of our volunteers.

It will be a busy night and lots of people will be there asking questions - If you aren't able to speak to someone don't forget you can also contact us at any time by phone or email: 02837 511248 /

New members will get a quick run through of what APC does  and what will happen at the classes.
Everyone will receive a hard copy of the Handbook and a handy wall calendar.

Following the Registration Night we'll be busy separating students into classes depending on their ability.
We might need to contact some new members during the week if we need more information to do this.

We will announce the classes on Monday 9th September.
On this night all students should go straight to the Lunch Hall.
Members are asked to join that class, and if they need to move up or down a level that can be done the following week - just speak to the teacher or to Eithne

There is no tuition on Registration Night

Parents - What are you planning to do?

Many parents choose to sit in the car park or the lunch hall while their children are at classes.  Parents are welcome to do this, but more and more are joining a class themselves!
Why not take advantage of the Family Membership and sign up for a class?
Having a parent with an interest in traditional music or ability to play an instrument really helps the young musician to progress.
Why not have a look at what is available at the times that suit and join a class?

Already play a bit?

GREAT!  We have a new class planned for adults on Monday nights
This class will be mixed instruments and will be for learning new tunes to play at sessions.  Everyone welcome

Don't fancy learning alongside the young 'uns?
Where numbers justify it we plan to put on dedicated adult classes during the week.
Please let us know if you would like to attend a class.