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Family Session

Performance is essential for the learner to feel confident in playing their instrument and developing their playing style. Members are encouraged to play the new tunes learned in Music Classes. No matter what your skill level it is always valuable to play along with other musicians and different instruments.

All members and their families are expected to attend the Family Sessions each month, particularly if other members of the family play music. The Sessions take place in the Pearse Ogs Club, Armagh and they are a great way to learn new tunes and meet some of the other 240 members of the Armagh Pipers Club. Traditional music survived because it was passed down through different generations in this way. It’s also a bit of craic!

The first half (7-8pm) caters for beginners and junior classes with simple tunes played at an easy pace. We take a break at 8 for tea and each family is asked to bring along some biscuits or cakes while we supply juice, tea and coffee. From 8.30 until 9.30 the session is for advanced musicians. Any parents or family members who play are welcome to join in the session.